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Our 36th year in business!

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Some of the many unique services we are proud to offer:

-Mechanical to solid state voltage regulator conversions

Upgrade your voltage regulator to much more reliable modern solid state internals! Not only can we upgrade internals while maintaining original external appearance for voltage regulators, but we can convert small original equipment cutout equipped generators to full electronic field control as well! This is a dream for owners with vintage cars that are driven frequently, as the 3rd brush never needs to be messed with, and the generator is never overworked as its never putting out more current than the car needs. It makes the cars charging system behave like that of a modern car!

-Custom data plates/tags for any application

Have a super rare old generator tag or chassis plate rotted away after 100 years of atmospheric abuse? Doesn't matter how rare it is or if its the only one left on the planet, we can reproduce it in-house! As long as you have a sample or a photo of the original tag, we can reproduce it. We even have the ability to back-fill the etched regions and text to make them visually 'pop' a bit more if desired.

-Broken plastic/metal component recreation.

Busted up pot-metal housing? Unique Plastic insulator made of unobtainium? We have the capability to recreate these parts in any material you choose. Whether its CNC machined or 3D printed, we can get the job done. This service is perfect for things such as broken housings, burned up switch plates, magneto insulators, obsolete plastic engine parts, and anything else you may need.

The first of many start to finish restoration videos to come!
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We are specialists in the auto electric service industry, primarily servicing the specialty or unique applications that most rebuilding shops don’t have the experience or capabilities to service properly. We place a special emphasis on the repair and restoration of antique, special interest, vintage car, truck, tractor and marine electrical units such as: Starters, generators, alternators, starter/generators, distributors, magnetos, voltage regulators, switches and various DC motors. Whether your needs are a simple repair or a complete Concours restoration, we are equipped to serve you with expert technical knowledge and unparalleled craftsmanship, with special attention to detail that is second to none. We have a vast reference library of technical and engineering data for antique and classic electrical systems dating back to 1909, which gives us a depth of knowledge and capabilities that most shops simply can't offer.



Precision Power  has been a leader in the auto electrical rebuilding and restoration industry since 1985, always placing value, high quality workmanship and service as the highest priority. We take pride in what we do, and offer our customers the highest quality service and products at the best value.

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