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We service and sell all makes and models of voltage regulators and generator cutouts from the early twentieth century, up to present day.


Our Capabilities include:

- Mechanical voltage regulator repair and restoration

-Conversion of mechanical voltage regulator to solid state full electronic field control. We can also convert vintage 'two charge'   style regulators to full field control.

              -Advantages: Electronic field control is more efficient and reliable than mechanical field controls that use vibrating                       points. This conversion can be achieved with 100% original exterior appearance. 

-Conversion of Mechanical Generator cutout to solid state diodes.

             -Advantages: Traditional mechanical cutouts operate like a relay, with points opening and closing to control the flow of                electricity. Both the points and the coil that operates the points wear out over time. Solid state diode cutouts are much                more reliable because of the lack of moving parts. 

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