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Rare component recreation.


This siren off of a rare 1950's Mack firetruck displays the level of detail we are capable of. The aluminum housing from this siren had many bent and broken segments in the windows, and the customer wanted them fixed. We made a new housing from scratch, and went so far as to make sure the inner dimensions were exact to produce the same tone siren as the original. The high gloss polish on the aluminum and a custom mirror finish stainless cover band was a nice touch as well.

-Broken plastic/metal component recreation.

Busted up pot-metal housing? Unique Plastic insulator made of unobtainium? We have the capability to recreate these parts in any material you choose. Whether its CNC machined or 3D printed, we can get the job done. This service is perfect for things such as broken housings, burned up switch plates, magneto insulators, obsolete plastic engine parts, and anything else you may need.

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